So it’s happening! After few years of dreaming and waiting for inspiration to come it’s finally here – a blog that nobody was waiting for! It looks like I’m finally ready to spare few hours a week and come up with a new contribution now and then. In general, I want to create one of them fancy lifestyle/travel blogs but I will keep the subject open for anything which is worth mentioning. Sometimes it might be serious business but more often you will be witnessing one of infamous brain fart about cats behavior.

Looks like I’m going to be main (and only) writer here while my Better Half will take care of art direction of the site. My Better Half is taking care of me most of the time, especially here, during the:

Maltese adventure

Have you ever dreamt of moving to the tiny island, where summers are scorching hot and winters are dreadfully cold and moist? Where services like Post Office or Public Transport are stuck somewhere in medieval times? Where overpopulation is becoming a serious concern but still, you can feel safe after dusk in most areas? Where being foreigner is surprisingly nothing bad and everybody is kinda ok with it. If you answered “yes” to any of these questions you should consider living in Malta!

Don’t get me wrong

I am not proclaiming myself as a Maltese specialist but after a year-and-a-bit I am ready to shed some light on leisure, living and working on the Island. I would love to tell you few stories – sometimes funny, sometimes sad, sometimes shocking and even disgusting. All of them served with a bit of sarcasm and dark humor. I will try to do my best and refrain from ranting on Maltese habits, traffic, culture in general, hunting, littering, bureaucracy, food, uhh…

I will try!

But I cannot promise anything. I want to spare you all the sweet little lies portraying Islands as best holiday (or migration) destination in the world because definitely there’re not. Malta and its citizens are beautifully complicated and simple at the same time. I don’t know much about sociology but there is something unique about people here. One day human interactions feel like regular European Union state, another, resembling developing country from Southern Asia.

Talking about Southern Asia…

Maltese stories won’t be the only ones you will read here. My head is full of memories, plans, and dreams that I’ll definitely share with you as well. Few inspirational photos from trips in the past won’t hurt too. So get ready!

With all these budget airlines, cheap Airbnb options and English language everywhere around, there is virtually no excuses left. It’s time to buy cheapest tickets, pack few t-shirts, book dodgy accommodation and leave on a journey. No matter where or for how long. And that’s what I am going to do.

Just go and bring as many memories as you can, because as my Mom always says:

People can steal most of the things you own but none of them can take your memories.
– Mom

Please help us reach more people and share.